New album: Strange Nights

Much like artists of old used to release records before the previous ones had faded away, Andre Papanicolaou seized the moment in early 2014 and immediately went back to work for a follow-up to Into the Woods, Out of The Woods (2013).

We first heard Papanicolaou's work as a meditation on inner demons and personal strife. On this new effort, Papanicolaou has channelled his observations to a more sedentary life, of family and love, and the subsequent conflicts and obstacles they can lead to. Essentially an exploration of one's place in the world and its context in a new found routine, Strange Nights deals with themes of family, love, fear, loss, and the passage of time.

Not surprisingly, sophomore albums are often more focussed than their predecessor; a result of being condensed to a shorter writing timespan. As such, Strange Nights seamlessly stitches together the 11 pieces as a coherent work, both thematically and sonically, through the author's journey. Recorded with the help of old and new friends alike, Papanicolaou enlisted the work of Simon Blouin (drums) and Ben Morier (bass). They can be seen in the upcoming video for the first single, Invitation Inn, directed by Pierre-Luc Racine (Louis-Jean Cormier, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Vincent Vallières, Patrice Michaud, Half Moon Run, etc.)

Co-produced by acclaimed Montreal singer/songwriter Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers) and recorded at Pierre Marchand's studio with the help of Ghyslain-Luc Lavigne at the controls, Strange Nights will be released on February 3rd, 2015 on the Spectra Musique label.


First single from his new album Strange Nights

It's barely been a year and a half since the release of Into the Woods, Out of the Woods, and Andre Papanicolaou (Papa-Nicola-Ooh—see, it's not that hard…) is already back with Strange Nights, a second album due out in February and featuring this first single, Invitation Inn.

Searching for a clue/ Searching for you

Wonder where you been/ Invitation Inn

Life on tour means unloading your suitcase in a different room every day, one that probably looks pretty much the same as the last one. The road is a series of anonymous stops, forgotten as soon as you get back home. However, there are those who remain behind, unnoticed, erasing the traces of the countless, nameless travelers.

Still working my way/ Through other people's stay

Sorting through a life/ I threw away

Papanicolaou sings from the perspective of a chambermaid for Invitation Inn, borrowing the title from one of the motels encountered on tour. Stuck there among the guests who come and go in a flash, she glimpses all the comings and goings, the chaos amid the unmade rooms, and hopes to catch sight of the man she loves and who left her behind, the lyrics supported by a melody that recalls Tom Petty at his finest.

Co-produced with Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers), Strange Nights will be released on February 3, 2015 on the Spectra Musique Label.